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HUMANOX is a technology company specialized in the health and sports sectors. Our vision “Technology applied to human beings”, aims to provide people with technology in their daily lives that improves their functionalities.

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Latest news

  • Humanox and ISL have signed an important agreement whereby the HX50 smart shin guards will be available to more than 10,000 boys and girls between 6 and 18 years old who play soccer, as a protective and technological element and will allow the monitoring of their performance and physical condition.
  • Humanox continues to strengthen its board of directors and this time it incorporates a heavyweight in finance in the international arena. José María Vallejo, Global Tax Director of BBVA is the latest signing of the health and sports technology company, creator of the only smart and connected shin
  • Humanox presented the HUOX cardio patch, capable of performing an electrocardiogram in real time for 24 uninterrupted hours, at the Mobile World Congress. At the stand that Telefónica has in the Mobile, Iván Contreras, co-founder and co-CEO of Humanox, and Joaquín Martín, Director of